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Credit Secure from American Express is a program which allows you to access your credit reports from three different credit reference agencies, and allows you to opt into emails which will notify you every time there has been a change to your credit file. Whether you are individual trying to obtain finance or a business with many different bank accounts, it is imperative to monitor your credit file, which can often be updated with new information without you knowing about it.

Credit monitoring is the key to Fight Identity Theft; yet, it is not the only measure you can take in order to impede unscrupulous people from obtaining your credit details and social security number to use them for their advantage. There are other things you can do to reduce the risk of being a victim of identity theft and you can even monitor your credit yourself without hiring third party services.

All information about your financial history that is used to set up your new account, such as verification of your identity, will be kept until your subscription is cancelled, and credit reports will be then removed from the database after 30 days. Information is not sold to third-party companies, ensuring peace of mind when using the service.

When making a financial decision, using one credit reference agency to evaluate your credit history is often not enough. Sometimes lenders only report credit information to one agency, meaning that information may be incomplete or missing when you use a service. Credit Secure provides you with instant online access to credit reports from the credit reference agencies EquiFax, Experian, and TransUnion, giving you a much more comprehensive overview of your credit history. You will also be able to receive an email alert every time a lender submits a piece of information to your credit file, such as a new bank account being opened, or a default.

Free Trial of CreditSecure is an effective service, regardless of the size of your business. You will be able to perform a free background check of any business, and access public records and other important business information. This can help to save you money on the costs involved in acquiring this information from a number of different sources. 

Click this website By reviewing the information provided from the online background check, you will be able to make a financial decision about the best course of action for your business when working with potential clients, and will able you to establish a business relationship based on trust from the off-set.

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